Modern RFICs bring a great deal of value to the product developer but they can also present a lot of challenges to users with limited RF engineering background. Most users of single chip radios have little experience in RF design best practices or even basics like how to do design verification testing. F3 Engineering has worked on dozens of RFIC based module products across a wide range of radio types. We use RFICs in products all the time so we know whats critical to get right from the start.

Radio module level products that are intended to be included in upstream product designs have special needs. Things like the ability to go through solder reflow, a complete package of governmental and industry organization test results or even certification and details on how that end device should do DVT and production test are just a few examples.

F3 supplies RFID eval boards for chip companies as well as integrated radio modules, customized for specific applications or as general integration solutions.